Other Ways You Can Support Us

You can easily help us help seriously ill children through your business or organisation.

Schemes such as PayRoll Giving, Pennies From Heaven and Benevity all help us raise much needed funds – details are below.

Massive thanks to everyone who helps us, in any way, big or small.


Every donation, whatever size, helps a seriously unwell child



Payroll Giving is a way of giving money to charity without paying tax on it. It must be paid through PAYE from someone’s wages or pension. Employers can set up payroll giving schemes, which employees can choose to join – they will receive tax relief based on the tax rate they pay. There are a number of Payroll Giving Agencys available whom organisations can use – deductions are made from payroll, provided to the Payroll Giving Agency selected who the send the donations to the selected charity. Organisations may need to pay an admin fee but the approach is simple and straightforward, and provides a positive benefit to employees as well as the chosen charity. CAF is one such agency which some of our corporate supporters use. 

Pennies from Heaven

Pennies from Heaven is a charity which facilitates employees donating the pence from their monthly salary to a charity, through the payroll process. The most employees give is 99p each time they are paid, but pennies add up providing significant help to the charity chosen by the organisation. There is no cost to us and only a small cost to the organisation. All of the pennies donated go directly to Molly Ollys if you set up this scheme and choose us.


Benevity provides a donation-processing platform that companies can use to power their workplace giving, matching and volunteering programmes. Molly Ollys is registered with Benevity (search for Molly Olly’s Wishes) so you can make donations to us, have your gifts matched by your employer and volunteer. Hundreds of companies worldwide use Benevity to make a charitable impact, and we are one of the fortunate charities to have corporate supporters who use this approach. For more information about how to use Benevity within your organisation, please see their website.

Every donation, whatever size, helps a seriously unwell child


Current data suggests that 12 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer every day, and that 1,900 children under the age of 14 in the UK are diagnosed each year.

More children are diagnosed with a range of other, often rare, conditions and illnesses that are also life-threatening.

Molly Ollys is committed to helping as many of these children and their families as possible, and works hard to raise the necessary funds to be able to help those who contact us.

You can help us do this by making a donation, joining in with our fundraising events, running your own events, using Give as You Live when you are shopping, and by leaving a legacy in your will. Please visit our How you can help page to find out more.