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Molly Ollys
First Floor Offices
1 Swan Street
CV34 4BJ

01926 698735
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Frequently Asked Questions

How We Help

I have a seriously ill child, what help can you offer me?

There are two main ways in which we can help:

  1. We can give a wish to help make the dark days brighter
  2. We can donate an Olly The Brave and the story books. You may be offered these through the hospital which is caring for your child, but if not we can happily send them directly to you.

From time to time, we also host events for families with seriously ill children. Please contact us if you are interested and we can let you know when the next one is.

I do not live in the United Kingdom – can you help me?

Unfortunately we can not help anyone who does not live in the UK. We are able to send Olly The Brave and the story books outside of the UK but we do need to charge for these. Olly The Brave costs £20 and the books £7.99 each, plus postage and packing.

How do I apply for a wish?

Please complete the wish application form here.

Please complete the form fully. For example, we must have the form signed by an health professional involved in the care of the child, and we need your permission for us to share your contact details with third parties otherwise we are not able to fulfil your wish.

The criteria we use when assessing wish applications are here.

How much is a wish?

Wishes are typically up to £500 in cost, although we can consider requests that are a little higher.

Can I ask for anything as a wish?

We can not accept any long-term responsibility or liability associated with a wish, or provide anything which requires the Charity to sign a contact.

We do not provide pets nor anything outside of the UK. Occasionally the wishes we give involve celebrities but normally we focus on items which give day to day support. These may be, for example, medical aids and equipment, toys, bedroom makeovers, outside play equipment, days out, shopping vouchers, electronic devices, arts and crafts, funds to help with transport costs etc.

Is there an age limit for receiving help?

We help children of any age up to 18 years old.

I have had a wish from Molly Ollys before. Can I have another one?

We do not normally provide more than one wish to each child. However, there may be specific circumstances (for example if the child has sadly become palliative), supported by the health professional, where we will consider this as an exception.

I have had a wish from another charity. Can I apply to you?

Yes. We do not exclude children who have had wishes from other charities from applying to us.

Can I buy an Olly The Brave/the story books?

Yes. Olly The Brave costs £15 and the books are £7.99 each.

However, if you have a seriously ill child, we are happy to donate these free of charge.

Can I have an Olly The Brave for my child/niece/friend/school/playgroup?

Yes. If the child is seriously ill, we are happy to donate Olly The Brave and the relevant books, if they have not received them directly from the hospital caring for them.

We are also happy to donate to a school or playgroup if they have a seriously ill child, to help support the other children.

Otherwise, you can buy them – Olly The Brave costs £15 and the books are £7.99 each.

How You Can Help

How do I donate?

You can donate through Just Giving, by bank transfer, by credit or debit card or by cheque.

The details are here and you can go directly to our Just Giving page by clicking here.

Can I sponsor a wish?

Yes, we would be delighted if you are able to sponsor a wish, which costs £500.

Please contact us to discuss this – we are happy to identify a specific wish that you are happy to sponsor if you like.

I would like to fundraise – what support do you offer?

We can help with ideas and a fundraising pack. Please contact us if you are interested in fundraising for us and would like some help.

What merchandise is available and how can I purchase it?

We are currently selling a range of products include candles, diffusers, room sprays, running vests, cycling tops, honey, Molly Ollys gin, Olly The Brave and the story books.

These can all be bought through our online shop or by contacting us at our office in Warwick.

Can I have a Collection Box for my business?

Yes, we would be very happy to provide you with a Collection Box. Please contact us to request one.

Our business is looking for a Charity to support

We work with a number of businesses and corporate organisations who have kindly chosen us, whether for a specific fundraising event, as an annual chosen charity or as a long-term charity partner.

We would be delighted to talk to you about how we can work together, and are very happy to make a presentation to your organisation, or to provide any information you require.

Please look at our Corporate Support page for examples of ways in which organisations choose to support us.

About Us

Why was the Charity founded?

Molly Olly’s Wishes was founded in 2011 by Rachel and Tim Ollerenshaw. Their daughter Molly Ollerenshaw was diagnosed aged 3 with a Wilms tumour and despite a long and brave 5 year fight, died in 2011.

They spent a large part of those years in and out of hospital and soon realised that many of the patients they met did not have the emotional or financial support that they had for Molly and her siblings.

Molly wanted to help these children and so Molly Olly’s Wishes was born.

Who was Molly?

Molly was a very special character, full of life, with many friends. She was diagnosed aged 3 with a Wilms tumour.

She endured 5 years of treatments and operations, spending many weeks in hospital.

Despite all the treatments, the cancer was too aggressive and she sadly died in 2011, aged